The Sites

The survey covers the area of designated green belt to the east of Walsall in the West Midlands, with supplementary surveys being undertaken at Sutton Park. This area is known colloquially as Holbrook valley. It contains twelve survey sites, including two geological Sites of Special Scientific Interest and eight Local Nature Reserves.


  • Year 1 (2018) survey sites were Park Lime Pits, Linley Wood, the Dingle and Corporation Wood.
  • Year 2 (2019) planned survey sites area Lodge Wood, Cuckoo’s Nook, Hayhead Wood and Merrions Wood.
  • Year 3 (2020) planned survey sites are currently Walsall Country Park, Barr Beacon, Beacon Quarry and Mill Lane

Supplementary surveys at Sutton Park (Holly Hurst, Gum Slade and Bracebridge) will take place throughout the Project.