Our Sponsors

We’re delighted to be working in partnership with several funders and sponsors. To date, the project has received funding from a number of organisations, and :

  • Heritage Lottery Fund – £7,000 for the purchase of survey equipment comprising mist nets, harp traps, bags, scales, torches, walkie talkies, memory cards and batteries. This has enabled us to carry out advanced surveys at a number of urban fringe / green belt sites.
  • Wildlife Acoustics Inc. Scientific Product Grant awarded researcher Morgan Hughes with 8x Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro bat detectors for Android. This has enabled us to undertake Multi-Point Activity Surveys along linear features to determine how, when and where bats are moving along canals, hedgerows and railway corridors in our study area.
  • Bat Conservation Trust’s Swarming Fund – £400 for the purchase of an extension cable and microphone for our Anabat Swift, as well as security case and cable-lock. This has enabled us to monitor a previously inaccessible disused mine and important swarming site! This was then supplemented by a further £180 to purchase two 4-TB hard drives to store our data!
  • Conseris Data Collection App provided us with a year’s free use of their team data collection software – a total game-changer as it has enabled the easy, stress-free collection and collation of all of our data.
  • Wildlife and Countryside Services have donated four humidity and dataloggers for our traps and nets, which enables us to record meteorological data during surveys automatically and compare it to bat activity levels.
  • TinyTag kindly provided us with a free software key, which has enabled us to monitor the temperature deep within disused mines so that we can determine how stable the temperatures are inside throughout the year.
  • Udall-Martin Associates – for the long-term loan of dataloggers which has enabled us to monitor environmental conditions in key sites.



If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Email Morgan.

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